Fullness affects every drape that we make. To say the least, it's kind of a big deal in the industry. That being said, it can pose to be a difficult concept to wrap one's head around and it's usually even harder for someone in a design or purchasing role to imagine & articulate the aesthetic a certain fullness will create in a room. 

In order to help in that process, we have taken  some sample photos to show fullness in a visual way. Each and every picture below was manufactured at a rod width of 36" and a finish length of 24". First, you will find a set of pinch pleat drapes at 4 increasing fullness levels (180%, 200%, 225%, & 250%). Next there is a set of ripplefold drapes at 4 increasing fullness levels (60%, 80%, 100% & 120%). 

The most noticeable aspects that change are the amount of pleats in each picture and the depth of the undulation (see the shadows and the depth of field from the front of pleats to the back). 

We also have a Resource Card on Fullness that you can download and use anytime! We hope that it becomes a beneficial go-to resource for you. 

Pinch Pleat


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