There are many reasons why it is important to consider ordering new hardware when using Ripplefold style drapery, we have condensed the list into three main reasons. Continue scrolling to learn more!


1.       Fullness: When using an existing ripplefold track, you run the risk of not having that same number of pendants and carriers that is essential to properly hang the drapes. Similar to a button up shirt with the same number of buttons and holes, the number of pendants on the hardware have to match the number of snaps on the drape in order to have a smooth look. With that being said, if the hardware was made to match an 80% full drape and the new drape was made with 100% fullness, we are in trouble (see our post “What is Fullness” for more details)!

2.       Compatibility: With Ripplefold, the carriers that stick out of the track to connect to the drape are connected on a string within the track (see image below). When new hardware and drapes are made, the track, assembled with the string of carriers, is cut and made specific to the drape. This allows the pendants and carriers to be compatible since both come from the same manufacturer. This is highly important because, if the carriers and drapes are not made from the same manufacturer, there is a great chance that the pendants and carriers will not snap together properly. Provided that, there is a possibility of the drapes falling off the existing ripplefold hardware. We’ve come across projects in the past where this has happened because the existing snaps and the new carriers were not compatible with each other, preventing them from fastening securely.

Ripplefold Snap Tape-02.png

3.       Adjustments on site: Compatibility also effects on site adjustments because if changes are needed then the whole track/string of carriers will have to be reassembled to ensure there are the same number of carriers to pendants. If reusing existing hardware, special time and attention is given to each room’s hardware configuration doubling the cost of measure. To properly inspect the stiffeners, count carriers and confirm compatibility, we must know of the direction in advance of measuring.

Choosing new hardware with a Ripplefold drape saves time and money for all involved*. The absolute best thing to do when using Ripplefold drapery is to get new hardware with a new string of carriers that is compatible with the snaps on the drapes.


*Know in advance: cost and compatibility

When using old hardware with new drapes, the cost of labor increases because a considerable amount of time is spent in each room measuring the existing hardware and on-site adjustments must be made (due to compatibility issues) that also take up more time (once again, increasing labor costs) for the installers to complete their job.


Thank you for reading our blog! We hope this was helpful and will benefit you during your next renovation!

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