Batons come in four different styles. Below, we will enlighten you on the styles and when they are best used. Keep reading to discover the world of batons!


Adapter: this type of baton hangs in front of the drapery offering easy access to a guest in the room. Its construction utilizes a plastic stiffener and a connection with both the drapery and the master carrier, resulting in a reinforced draw.

Master Carrier-02.png

Clip: this baton uses a small clip which attaches directly to the master carrier hanging behind the drape and therefore is often referred to as a hidden baton. Clip batons are not recommended for use with large treatments as they are not as stable as batons with adapters.


Cord Drawn: another alternative with tall and wide treatments. It is recommended that all operable treatments wider than 15’ and taller than 12’ utilize assistance to operate. Cord drawn hardware utilizes a unique pulley system allowing for treatments to be drawn via pull cords. This is not an ADA compliant option.


Motorized: available in two different options: plug and play, or direct wired. Motorized drapery is more expensive, yet is a great alternative for large treatments or ADA compliance, and works in conjunction with building automation systems.