What once was a large gap in pricing between baton, cord drawn and motorized treatments is now much smaller. Batons are the most economical, while motorized treatments are the most expensive, and cord drawn slides right between them! Ten years ago motorized draperies were outrageously expensive, however, the motorized industry has come a long way in lowering costs which has increased the use of motors in the hospitality sector and lowered costs as well.

Although cord drawn treatments are a great alternative, they do not carry weight well (due to friction). The weight depends on the fabric as well as the height and width of the treatment, so if treatments are larger than 16’ wide one way draw or 32’ wide center draw, we recommend using motorized drapery as friction will prohibit ease of traversing heavy drapery. Cord drawn hardware is best used on light treatments, like sheer or tall but narrow widths. We would recommend using a baton if the treatment is wide, but less than 11 feet tall, as it is easier to operate.

When deciding what type of hardware to use, keep the height, weight and width in mind to determine the best solution. Cord drawn hardware once was very popular, but the advances in the motorized industry has impacted the designer’s top choice, being that motorized is much more feasible and affordable. We hope this blog is helpful during your next renovation. Always remember to communicate your vision and concerns to your project manager help as much as possible!