Most hotel drapery isn’t handled often enough to merit cleaning on a regular basis such as bedding, which is obviously laundered nearly every day. It is quite possible to keep your drapery looking clean and fresh with simple light vacuuming and brushing. That being said there are certain situations that may cause the need for cleaning drapery and so its important to know what exactly you should do and what you should not do.

The most important instruction is to always reference the fabric manufacturers care instructions. You should always make sure that certain extra precautions or instructions are not offered for face fabrics and linings alike.

It is most often recommended that when it is decided that drapery needs to be cleaned that it should be handled by a professional dry cleaner and not in the same way that a hotel may wash normal bedding and toiletry items. These are the points that you will want to assure yourself of before turning your draperies over for dry cleaning.

  • Make sure all drapery hooks or pins are removed.

  • Make sure that the drapery is measured prior to washing & drying and supplied to the cleaner in case of shrinkage.

  • Do not exceed 120 degrees Fahrenheit when drying

  • Hang drapery immediately have wrinkles fall out and to keep blackout from sticking together.

  • If ironing is necessary make sure the iron is set for polyester or synthetic and do not exceed 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

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