There are some odd words used to specify pillows. They are not used in everyday conversations and if they are, most likely not with the same meaning in mind as we have in pillow manufacturing. Usually we are able to work around this and make sense of any discrepancies in vocab by context clues. But we shouldn’t rely on interpretation and context clues in producing the right pillows for a property that has been coming together for months.

This is definitely a common problem that many designers and procurement agents come to us asking. That’s why we are taking this space to clarify language on what 4 key pillow words actually mean/refer to. Flange, Band, Cord and Welt.



A strip of fabric added to the pillow edge. A flange increases the overall dimension of the pillow and typically is made from a contrasting fabric. 

Ex. If the pillow was originally 18 x 18" and the strip of fabric is 2" wide, with flange the pillow would be 20 x 20". 



Band: strips of fabric sewn onto the top of the pillow around the edges and finished with mitered corners. A band does not effect the overall size of the pillow.



Pre-manufactured decorative element that can be sewn onto the edges of a pillow. Typically 1/4-1/2" but also can come in 3/4 - 1". 


Specified fabric which is wrapped around a cord and sewn onto the pillow edge. Contrast Welt is done with a contrasting fabric whereas a Self Welt is done with pillow face fabric. 


Having a further grasp on the specific elements these 4 words define should enable you to clearly specify decorative pillows, avoiding confusion and getting your project well on its way.

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