Have you considered the several options for pillow inserts? Such a small detail could make a significant difference in a guest’s comfort. Read our six pillow insert options in preparation for your upcoming renovation plans!



This insert is made of conjugated polyester fill inside a 70% polyester, 30% cotton cover. A design optimal for high usage areas where it is important for the pillow to keep a very firm, full shape over a long life.



This insert, made of siliconized micro denier fill inside a 100% cotton cover, is a higher end option. Designed to highlight plushness and comfort this insert is softer and heavier than a standard insert. Often used in areas where comfort is considered a premium.



This insert, made with an 80/20 ratio of duck feathers to down fill, inside a 100% cotton cover epitomizes luxury and class. These inserts are often used to project lavishness and frill in a room’s design.

Indoor Foam-04.png

indoor foam

Available in four typical densities, providing varying degrees of support, and wrapped in Dacron this insert is ideal for seat cushions, seat backs and bolsters. This insert keeps its shape extremely well and provides a clean, crisp look that adds to any room.

Outdoor foam-04.png

Outdoor foam

Available in four typical densities for varying levels of support, this foam stands apart due to its construction. Made via a reticulation process, resulting in a porous foam that allows for maximum water drainage. When paired with an outdoor rated fabric these are the perfect solution for seating around swimming pools or on outdoor patios.

Outdoor Polyester-04.png

outdoor polyester

Made a conjugated polyester loose blown fill inside a 100% polyester cover these inserts are are outdoor rated. Boasting great water drainage and minimal absorption, when paired with an outdoor rated fabric this insert makes it possible for you to add decorative accents, in the way of throw pillows to any outdoor seating area, without the worry of mildew, mold or wetness.

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