There are four main pillow styles—some are purposed for function and style, while others are solely style. Read our descriptions on the pillow styles to discover what will best suite your renovation designs.



Usually a smaller pillow for decorative use, these pillows can be made in various sizes and shapes. Finished with clean edges and plush inserts, when used correctly they can make a design connection between furniture and the rest of a room.



A box pillow refers to any pillow with fabric walls. Most often combined with foam inserts they are used as seat cushions or seat backs, although they can be filled with loose blown fill for a plusher feel. Box pillows provide multiple surfaces which can be treated with different face fabrics.



A cylindrical pillow shape that can be constructed with various length and diameter specifications. Bolsters may be filled with foam for a crisp more taut finish, or with loose blown fill for a comfier finish. The ends may be finished in various ways (with welts, flat ends, gathered ends or with contrasting fabrics). Bolsters provide an interesting design element whether used on their own or in conjunction with other pillows.



A box pillow with fabric walls most often made of foam inserts, used as pad for a seat which can have different densities for a plusher or sturdier feel.

Though only four styles were over viewed, it is fairly simple to get creative with pillow designs. Click here to check out our resource cards about pillows to be enlightened!

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