Earlier this week we posted a blog on Popular Hospitality Cornice Styles, now we move on to the other top treatment Valances. Valances as we defined in our blog “Is it a Cornice? Is it a Valance? Are those words Interchangeable?”, are made with a wood top board and fabric hanging from the front and sides. Valances are in many ways simpler than cornices as there are not as many options.

Nevertheless, we will run through the most notable options below in an attempt to offer some inspiration and inform you, the designer especially, about the styles available for your next hospitality or healthcare project.

The five primary types of valances are as follows…

The Cleveland Valance begins as a straight piece of fabric cut with arches along the bottom edge. The number of arches and spacing of the arches is dependent upon specifications. The column portion between each arch is looped and the valance is finished with a decorative rod spanning the width of the valance. The decorative rod may be metal or wood and can be finished with any number of decorative finials.

Cleveland Valance Drawing

The Gathered Valance lends its name from a gathered bed skirt. The same style is at play with the fabric being gather at the top of the valance and hanging loose with a slight billow at the bottom. A continuous pocket is sewn a specified distance from the top of the valance and contains a stiff rod.

Gathered Valance Drawing

The Mock Roman is as it sounds produced to look like a Roman Shade drawn all the way up. It is though Mock and therefore does not move up or down, or even contain a movable element. The total valance drop, pleat number and pleat spacing must be specified by the designer.

Mock Roman Drawing

The Scalloped Valance possesses the same shape as the scalloped cornice lending its name from the similar shape of a scallop shell. This valance is finished with rounded corners and between each scallop swag is a bell-shaped space, similar to the look of a large cartridge pleat.

Scalloped Valance Drawing

The Tailored Valance is the final type of valance and the most common. The bottom edge of the pleat is straight and contains at least a singular inverted box pleat at the center. Additional inverted box pleats can be specified across the front edge.

Tailored Valance Drawing

As with the cornice style blog, additional points to note include…

  • All valances are made with a ¾” plywood top board that is lined on the inside with a coated blackout fabric, unless otherwise specified or decided with the drapery project manager.

  • In addition to the style of valance, specifications must include a variable width (ex. Window width + 12”) or a constant width in addition to drop.

Download our handy dandy Valance Style Resource Card, print it out, share with your fellow designer friends and get ready to specify some incredible valances on your next healthcare or hospitality project. We are looking forward to seeing what you come up with!


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