We’ve spoken about top treatments and the different options which exist, via a few different posts. Check out “What is the Best Cornice Construction for me?” & “Is It a Cornice? Is It a Valence? Are Those Words Interchangeable?” if you missed out. In them we have mentioned ‘Millwork Cornices’, and now we want to revisit the subject.

While most cornices are fabric wrapped, sometimes that is just not the style wanted or needed to complete a specific look. Especially with the elevation of the ‘farmhouse’ style, made popular by Chip & Joanna Gain’s show ‘Fixer Upper’, in the residential space , stained & painted wood is on the rise.

Today we are going to speak specifically to what Quiltcraft’s standard offerings are, although the style options are limitless. Stocked in three different styles, our millwork cornices are constructed out of MDF with a top layer of wood veneer added if a stained finish is specified. Although we are able to source a myriad of stain and paint colors we stock select brands. Going outside of those stocked brands is possible but may affect lead times

As for lead times, millwork cornices have on average a 4-6 week lead time. Stained cornices trend towards the 6 week end of that frame, while painted cornices tend to trend the other direction. 

*These numbers are based on an average cornice order. Orders which include over 100 cornices may be subject to a longer lead time.

The three cornice types are Classic, Contemporary & Modern.


The Classic

Classic Cornice Drawing

The Classic Cornice is a wood box with open bottom completed with 1 ½” piece of decorative crown molding, which is rounded, attached along the top edge and a ¾” piece molding attached along the bottom edge.

Classic - Real-01.PNG


The Contemporary

Contemporary Cornice Drawing

The Contemporary Cornice is just a simple wooden box. Straight forward, with no frills.

Contemporary Cornice Picture


The Modern

Modern Cornice Drawing

The Modern Cornice is a wood box completed with a 2” piece of straight edged decorative crown molding, which has 3 steps, attached along the top edge and a ¾” piece of molding attached along the bottom edge.

Modern - Real-01.png

All millwork cornices can be customized in width, height/drop, depth and paint color/stain color. It should be noted that there are a few limits to consider. Any cornice over 96" will be spliced. Classic & Modern cornices may not have a drop less than 6". Contemporary cornices may not have a drop less than 4". Any drop request greater than 18" will need to be discussed with a sales manager. There is no specific limit on the return, although any return request greater than 12" will also need to be discussed with a sales manager. 

Finally we get to everyone's favorite subject, pricing. Although there are far too many intricacies that directly affect pricing from job to job, there are some general guidelines that should help in making a buying/design decision. First, we have produced a comparison chart below that shows in percentage increases the difference between cornices.

For this chart we have compared the prices of a 96" cornice with a 6" drop and a 9" return ordered at a quantity of 100. 

Comparison Chart-03.png

The other factors to consider are...

  • Orders of differing sizes will reflect an increase in price per cornice.

  • Orders of smaller quantities will reflect an increase in price per cornice as well.

We have covered a vast amount of information in this blog but it all has a purpose. As with everything we write, our desire is that you become a more informed customer and as a result that your buying choices become easier. 

If you have further questions or would appreciate someone personally walking you through any of this information please feel free to Contact Us! Check out our complete “Top Treatments” Resource Card bundle below!


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