Hotel windows are truly opportunities to add uniqueness and character to any rooms design. This is one reason why so many pleat styles exist, to give you options. While that can be a good thing, a myriad of options may become intimidating. In the midst of making a decision we often hear something to the effect of, “If I’m treating a window with three different treatments, do I have to use the same pleat style on all treatments?”

The answer is of course no! Honestly you can spec anything that you may want. That being said there are a few tips that we would recommend following, or at least paying attention to.

  1. When treating a window with Sheer and Blackout, we would recommend using the same pleat style, especially if the sheer is on top of the blackout (as the blackout may show through depending on the translucence of the sheer). This creates continuity in design.

  2. Side Panels are your friend and give you the best opportunity to mix it up! We would recommend trying out Goblet, Cartridge, Box or Inverted in these areas; all provide a unique design, a stark difference from Ripplefold or Pinch Pleat, and are well suited for Side Panel application.

    • Note that Box, Cartridge & Goblet pleat are ideal for side panels and not for traversing as their design causes proves harder to move on a traversing track.

  3. We would recommend keeping our Pleat Resource Card in hand, in order to know your options.

  4. If cost is a factor reusing existing hardware may be an ideal solution. This however does not mean that you are limited to the same pleat style. Hardware is set up to accommodate either pins or snaps and so you can hang new drapery on existing hardware as long as you choose a pleat style that has the same type of connection. If you are not acquainted with the two main types of drapery connections/styles or you just need a quick refresher we recommend reading our blog ‘Ripplefold vs. Pinch Pleat - Window Treatment Pleat Styles.’

    • For example if you have existing pinch pleat side panels but want to freshen up the design you could have new side panels made with Goblet, Cartridge, Box or Inverted pleats and they would hang on the same hardware.

  5. We do recommend hardware consistency. Window designs do seem to work best when you keep the hardware the same. If treating with deco hardware, make all treatments on deco hardware. If treating with pin style hardware, keep all the treatments pin style. For information on different hardware options, download our resource card on Hardware.

Ultimately the choice is yours. Download our pleat resource card and get started today. The sky is ultimately the limit when it comes to combinations. Lastly, remember that we are always just a phone call or email away if you have any questions.


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