Often times customers come to us with a dilemma about ripplefold drapes. They want drapery with a ripplefold style but they don’t want the hardware to show. The unfortunate answer to this dilemma is that you can’t have your cake and eat it to.

The nature of this particular pleat style and how the carriers attach to the drape simply don’t allow hiding the hardware to be an option without additions such as a top treatment or drapery pocket. Ripplefold hardware is composed of a metal track holding carriers on a string. These carriers hang out of the bottom of the hardware. Pendants are then snapped into those carriers and onto the actual drape. If you are not informed about all drapery components take a look at our Resource Card. All of that to say, the entire drape hangs below the hardware. See our diagram below.

Ripplefold Drapes-01.png
Ripplefold drape & hardware from above

Therefore it is impossible to have a ripplefold drape installed in a way that conceals the track. If it is of utmost importance that the track be hidden we would have to discuss a top treatment such as a valance or a cornice. If the importance of covering the drapery track outweighs the importance of the ripplefold pleat style, you are in luck as pinch pleat always covers the drapery track even without a top treatment! You could further consider cartridge pleat, a variation of pinch pleat.

Pinch Pleat Drapery Profile

Cartridge Pleat connects to the drapery track in the exact same way that pinch pleat does (meaning that the track is concealed by the top of the pleat) but the rounded front pleat 'mocks' the style of ripplefold drapery whether it is open or closed. Please see the picture below as reference and happy specifiying!




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