There are seven main basic components when it comes to the world of pillows. Read our overview of these basic components to spark some creativity for your next project!



A flat band of fabric sewn along the edge of a pillow as an added design aspect is called a flange. A piece of fabric sewn on top of the face fabric is referred to as a band. Both may be constructed from the same fabric as the face or from a contrasting fabric.

Knife Edge-04.png


The most common form of pillow edge, 2 pieces of fabric sewn together at the edges to form a sharp seam and tapered corners. They tend to be fuller in the middle and have thinner edges. Pillows finished this way offer a clean design with no added ornamentation.


A design aspect that runs along the seams of a pillow to add strength and decoration, cords may be purchased in prefinished designs and sewn onto a pillow while welts are 100% polyester white cords wrapped in a fabric of choice. Cord and welt are available in different diameters.



Our zippers are made from 100% nylon, available in tan, black, ivory, brown, or white and can be cut to any length. All zippered pillows are made with a hidden closure for a functional design allowing for the removal of insert.

Face Fabric-04.png

face fabric

Many fabrics used with pillows have a pattern repeat. A pattern repeat is the distance from one point in a design to the next identical point in the repeat of the design. We have the capability to place a fabric focal point of your choosing on each and every pillow in a specific location.



Inserts are either dacron wrapped foam or a natural/synthetic fiber filling inside a fabric case. Inserts are made separately from pillow covers with the intention that they may be removed in order to clean and.or replace when needed.



All pillows with blown fill inserts come filled to a standard level based upon dimension and weight. We do offer the option to have pillows over or under filled as desired. In this case a pillow’s thickness is measured from the exact center.

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We hope the overview of these seven pillow basic components assists you in your decision making during your next renovation. Download our card to keep the information at hand when you need it most!