Why are we making such a big deal about roller shades? Well, in short, they are modern, advanced in engineering and basically all around wonderful. There are ten main basic components that bring this progressive shade together. Keep reading to gain insight!

Basic Components

1. END CAPS: Decorative accessories that conceal the brackets (for outside mount).

2. BRACKET: The mounting point for the shade, either to the wall or ceiling, which supports the clutch.

3. CLUTCH: The mechanism that operates the rotation of the roller shade tube, subsequently raising and lowering the shade.

4. SHADE TUBE: The tube which the roller shade is attached to.

5. FASCIA: Aluminum cover that conceals the shade tube and controls.

6. HEM BAR: The bottom closure of a shade that contains weight.

7. BEAD CHAIN: Used to control the manual roller shade.

8. BALL STOPS: A large clip on bead which creates the upper and lower limit for the shade.

9. CHAIN HOLD DOWN: A plastic safety device affixed to the wall to keep the chain secure.

10. SHADE BAND: The actual shade fabric itself, referred to as the shade band.

These ten little basic components work together to bring the shade together for a fashionable shade. We anticipate this blog was insightful and helpful for your next renovation. Download the resource card as a quick reference when the information is needed!