A phrase that may come up in dealing with roller shades is the concept of ‘walking’. We often get the concern posed to us from properties, designers, purchasing agents and the like that their roller shades have shifted or that the roller shades were not cut straight at the bottom. Now these two comments may seem like separate issues but 99% of the time they aren’t. What is happening in both situations is that the shade band is ‘walking’ on the shade tube.

This phrase essentially means that when the roller shade fabric, also referred to as the band, is attached to the roller shade tube even the slightest of unevenness’ in the connection, in its angle or in that of the actual fabric can cause the fabric to roll up onto the tube slightly off or parallel. We have all experienced or seen this problem when rolling up a sheet of paper, or a carpet or any such rectangular object. When the edges don’t match up perfectly the item or roller shade fabric band is considered to be ‘walking’ along the roller shade tube.

This potential problem is checked after the manufacturing process on each and every roller shade that Quiltcraft ships out and it can be assumed is checked by most every manufacturer. At that time, if adjustments are needed they are handled by the production staff. That being said, sometimes this issue can creep up later once the shade is already onsite. This may be due to slight shifts in the mounting area, or the roller shade tube just moving off perfectly horizontal with the window edge.

When the problem is described as the shade band not being cut evenly or straight at the bottom, this is usually pronounced on very long shades and is caused in the same way. As the shade band walks to the left or to the right, it can cause the affect of an incorrect roll out and the perception of a diagonal edge at the bottom of the shade.

Now that we understand the concept of ‘shade walking’ how do we fix it. There are two ways that ‘walking’ can be fixed onsite by a hotel engineer or the like. One is when roller shade brackets are outfitted with a leveling screw (as all Quiltcraft single shades are). This leveling screw can be adjusted to ensure that the roller shade tube is perfectly horizontal to the window. Second, slight movements in the window mullions- due to construction shifts or even a foundation settling- can be limited by a simple turn of the screw.

Further adjustments can be made with a shem, usually a small piece of masking tape that can be added/taped onto the actual shade tube on the side towards the walk. This shem slightly adjusts the angle at which the shade fabric is ‘laying’ on the tube and will usually adjust the walk. Often times, it may take 2-3 pieces of tape in the same location.

This ‘walking’ situation is known to come up, but it isn’t something to be worried about- unless it isn’t corrected. If the problem persists and is not corrected either by shemming the shade fabric or adjusting the leveling screws, then the edge of the shade band may begin to rub against the window edge and over time this can cause fraying of the fabric.

A simple enough fix can go along way and we just learned how in all of 5 minutes. Make sure to download some of our free roller shade resource cards and keep coming back to get more information on everything hospitality window treatments!