We are back again with another roller shade comparison post. If you missed our first post comparing the products of Mariak then make sure to check it out. With so many brands out there and each one usually offering multiple series it’s hard to know what you are truly getting when ordering or specifying as a designer. We understand that much of the information that you have to work with is rather technical and therefore difficult to place in a context that allows everyday design decisions to be made easily. Here we will be comparing and contrasting the two series offered by SWF Contract which is a subsidiary company of Springs Window Fashion.

SWF Contract Company Overview

SWF Contract is a company within the larger umbrella of Springs Window Fashions. What sets SWF Contract apart is the fabrics they offer for roller shades and their focus on commercial window treatments specifically roller shades. The company offers two different series of roller shades; R-Series and True Performance Series. After reading this post we hope that you will be armed with the information needed to make more educated buying or designing decisions.

Factual Comparison Chart

As with all of our comparison posts we’ve first created a chart that gathers all of the technical aspects of the two series together in a one stop shopping type location. Here you can see line by line the difference in offerings between the two series.

Springs Window Fashion Comparison-02.png

Decision Points

  • The R-Series is made of all plastic, it is light weight and is made of separate components. While being very durable for its material makeup, it will wear if stretched towards the periphery of its size and weight limits, that being said its size limits are very large. If needing to treat a very long window your best bet is to go with R-Series. Typically the R-Series is the least expensive option and can be purchased from multiple vendors.
  • The True Performance Series is more durable system. Made with upgraded parts the series is able to handle more weight while also maintaining a slim profile. The connection point between clutch and bracket is dual fanged allowing increased stability and easier installation. The True Performance series also features a riveted tube and shade bands outfitted with the true track spline. This allows for shade bands to be changed easily, or taken off for cleaning.
  • While the size comparison shows a variation only in the heat-sealed hem bar width the largest upside of True Performance over R-Series is the size of the tube and clutch. True performance is able to hold heavier shades while maintaining a compact look.

We hope that this comparison of SWF Contract Roller Shades is helpful. Remember that although multiple options exist making the best choice is just a matter of being educated. That being said Quiltcraft is always willing to lend some advice, all you have to do is ask!


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