The bottom of the bed seems like a trivial detail, but it is highly important to maintain a satisfying experience for guests. Below are five types of box spring covers to reach varying needs.

Head Cap-04.png

head cap

Production detailed to minimize movement/shifting ensuring tight fit over box spring. This 6” feature is cost efficient and highly effective.

Elastic Hugger-04.png

Elastic Hugger

An interior “fitted sheet” utilizing continuous elastic to minimize movement and secure to box spring. Not visible to guests. This is an internal component only.

Continuous Elastic-04.png

Continuous Elastic

Elastic is sewn into the bottom edge all around the box spring cover, therefore making it ‘continuous’ on all sides of the drop.

Elastic in Corners-04.png

Elastic in Corners

To prevent puckering or gathering of decorative fabric, we will often use elastic in corners only. A 12” piece of elastic is added to the corner (6” on either side of the seam).



This extra layer of poly/cotton fabric may be used to add weight and fullness to the overall aesthetic.