The question ‘Why is Hospitality Bedding Polyester’, comes up a lot in conversations with designers, and hotel owners specifically. It makes sense, if you can get sheets and bedding in cottons, linen’s and other materials for your house, why can’t you get them for your hotel. Well that may be going a step too far. Of course you can get any material you want for your hotel but the questions was why is normative that hospitality bedding is polyester.

That specifically has a rather straightforward answer. Polyester is not a natural fiber and therefore it has properties that make it ideal for high use functionality. Polyester products do not shrink and they wash very well. Washing polyester products multiple times will not alter the overall shape and form of the finished good, which is essential for hospitality bedding that is obviously washed nearly daily depending on occupancy.

The other realm that the synthetic fiber is superb in, is that it has great color fastness. Which is definitely a point of excitement for designers, as they can have the fabric dyed or even printed on and the vividness of the color should remain for a long lifetime.

These two important factors allow polyester to stand out from other fibers for hospitality bedding especially. No other fabric offers these type of aspects while also maintaining the comfort expected.

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