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The original blog (posted below in full), "The Future of Guestroom Bedding: Styles and Fabrics Trending", written by Paradigm Design Group was posted on September 11, 2019.

While hotel beds in general stay the same, the bedding styles are constantly evolving. This means keeping up with the newest trends is tough for hotels. With that being said, some styles are easily recycled and adjusted like colors and simplistic designs. Depending on the effort of the hotel, the guestroom bedding choices can bring the entire room together OR throw it off completely. Since the bed is the one place guests spend most of their time, it’s important to make sure this area is prioritized. So far we have noticed these trends in 2019.

PDG- bedding 1.jpg

Coordinated, Yet Effortless

The “just thrown together” look is not just meant for outfits. Guestroom bedding is now being designed to look effortless, but at the same time trendy and put together. Although most people wouldn’t put those terms in the same sentence, it’s probably the easiest and most appealing design trend right now for guestrooms. Keeping the comforter simple such as white or dark grey, the easiest thing to do is to add in a few “on-brand” colored pillows and a throw for the end of the bed.

Bold and Bright

Bold is always a good call. Simple, bright, and branded is the perfect way to call attention to the bedding. There’s nothing like a good pop of color to capture the guest’s eyes and appreciation. It’s best to, once again, stay on-brand with the coloring. If every room is different, then making sure the pillows or comforter matches the room theme is crucial. Try to keep it bold but simple and intriguing. There is such a thing as using too many colors, leaving guests feeling overwhelmed.

Themes and Patterns

Speaking of themes, it’s becoming more common for hotels, especially boutique hotels to create a different guest experience in each individual room. That does end up being a bit more expensive in the long run for the hotel, but the guests LOVE it. For imagination purposes, let’s go with a tropical theme (like in the picture above). The palm tree blanket fully brings the theme together for the room along with the bamboo side table and palm tree paintings. Without the palm tree patterned blanket, the bed would be empty and boring. That’s just one example. The options for themes and patterns are limitless.

PDG- bedding 4.jpg

Dark and Industrial

This trend is still pulling through. The dark and industrial style is so crisp and comfortable. It’s not uncommon for darker bedding to be used along with a rustic / industrial look for the headboard. The dark bedding brings a sense of relaxation to the room and is honestly a bit unexpected. Most hotels stick with the white comforters and blankets, so the stand out, high end hotels that have dark sheets and covers are getting more recognition for branching out.

Bedding is a huge part of the hotel guest experience and without quality and comfortable options, hotels would most likely go out of business. Patterns, colors, covers and more-- bedding will always be important, so treat it as a comfy commodity.