What is Fullness?

Fullness is the ratio that a large amount of fabric takes to fit into a smaller area. The extra fabric is adsorbed by the pleats (horizontal in this case). The pleat spacing on all operable Romans comes under the child safety regulation, therefore the maximum distance between two pleats is 6”

Flat Fold

Roman Shade-02.png

Soft Fold

Roman Shade-03.png

For more information on Flat Fold VS. Soft Fold, see our blog post “Roman Shade Styles”.

Basic Components

Basic Components-04.png

1. Headrail: The mounting point for the shade, either to the wall or ceiling that houses the operating system

2. Valance: Decorative drop sewn to the top board and used to cover the lift mechanism

3. Tube: The tube which the roman shade is attached to

4. Clutch: The mechanism that operates the rotation of the roman shade tube, subsequently raising and lowering the shade

5. Chain Retainer: A plastic safety device affixed to the wall to keep the chain secure

6. String: Used to roll the roman shade up

7. Batten: Thin plastic rod. Also referred to as “rib.” Enclosed within the tucks of the roman shade

8. Face/lining: A second layer of fabric used to provide a finished back or to block light from coming through

We hope this information on roman shades was helpful to you. Click below to get a resource card with all this info and access it whenever you need it!