Roller Shades are busting onto the scene. A number of hotel brands have begun to create specs that nix traditional drapery altogether in the guestrooms. This is very much becoming the era of the roller shade. While roller shades are sleek and streamlined in the aesthetic the deliver they are anything but sleek and streamlined when you consider the myriad of options and parts placed together to reach the sum total of a roller shade in a room. 

We've put together two basic component resource cards, as well as a terminology card with quick and easy definitions for daily use. These cards do not delve into the technicalities and they aren't meant to. What they aim to accomplish is offer basic vernacular for daily use as roller shades become the ever present reality of hospitality design. 

Feel free to download the cards, create a shortcut on your desktop, print them, laminate them, or whatever else your heart desires. All we want to know is that they are being used and are useful. Enjoy.


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