Motorized Hardware is a great option in multiple different scenarios. It can be used to meet ADA standards. With certain treatments it also meets Child Safety Specifications. That being said choosing motorized hardware is not a clean cut decision. Once you go down the path of motorized hardware there are, in fact, multiple different scenarios and decisions that you must make in order to render a final specification. 

Primarily the options to consider, when making a decision, are split into two different categories; one, the type of system and two the type of control. Based upon the scenario and reality of a window or other area needing to be treated the pros and cons of these different controls and systems is vast. One situation may beg for a wireless remote while another may be best suited for a wall switch. The basis of what is best suited though is rooted in knowledge, in understanding the options available and stepping out from there. 

That is the place in which we enter the picture, and for which we have created this resource card. So read it, download it, share it with your colleagues, and most importantly use it to become more knowledgeable and make more informed decisions. 

Also be on the look out for further blog posts regarding motorized hardware which are coming soon!

Motorized WT.png