Exciting Horizons for Textiles 

Heimtextil is that super exclusive, classic club where all of the trendiest and most iconic celebrities come to show off the newest coolest fads. Except in Heimtextil’s case anyone who wants to make the trip to Frankfurt could attend. The trade show boasts being the largest international textile trade show of its kind and has become known as a place to see emerging trends in the market along with being a networking hot spot for buyers and sellers.

We were privileged to attend this year and wanted to share with you our top 5 takeaways from Heimtextil 2018.

1) Color is coming back!

I don’t know if you all noticed the recent fad called a ‘color run’ but we are sure glad that ‘color is running’ into hotel rooms once again. In recent days we have endured the reign of the all-white bed coupled with the neutral tone palate in most hotel rooms, and while they absolutely have their place, the horizon seems to be painted with much more vivid and rich colors! So don’t be afraid to let things pop, to draw attention with color. 

Color Fabric
Tons of Color Fabric
Color in Bedding

2) Texture, Texture, Texture

Along with color, texture is making a run onto the scene in fabrics. Whether it be fabrics woven with texture elements or fabric printed in a way that provides a textured look. It’s becoming a point of importance to not only experience fabric with your eyes but to add diversification via texture’s tangibles.

Textured Fabric
Textured Fabric 1

 3) Patterns in the age of Digital Printing

Traditionally if you want a pattern on fabric you create the fabric with a pattern, rather simple. The drawback or the reality of that is we are very aware and work with pattern repeats often in our industry. Textiles are usually made with patterns that are limited to 27". That being said with the advent of digital printing on fabric, pattern repeats (for an in depth look take a look at our blog post ‘What is Fabric Pattern Repeat?’) may soon become a thing of the past. At Heimtextil we saw many fabrics printed with a single block which covered the entire piece (window or bed). Meaning repeats may quickly become extinct (or at least less of a recurring pattern).

Patterns 1

4) It’s in the Small things (… or maybe they were big)

Have you ever looked thru a microscope and seen something that is incredibly intriguing? Often time’s beauty seems to be in the details, the small things, the aspects that could just be passed over but when accentuated really add to the design. We saw this over and over at Heimtextil. One of our favorite examples of this was in a knit pattern ottoman, where the weave was blown up very large. The way that threads come together to make fabric is incredibly interesting and when scaled up is even cooler!

Large Knit Blanket
Knit Ottoman

5) We continue to be invaded by Technology

Just as in almost every industry these days, no matter how traditional, technology keeps on coming. This is no different in the realm of textiles. At Heimtextil 2018 we saw lights being embroidered in fabric, LED lights were integrated into decorative hardware, and even a prototype of LED lights being shown thru a roller shade fascia was on display. So feel free to dream, because technology and textiles are being woven together better than even we expected.

LED Fascia
LED Sheer

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