Hems and weights are both tiny details in the grand scheme of things, however, such a small detail can prevent billowing, aid in the flow of the drapery and numerous other variables. Read our descriptions to grasp what might be best for you, your site, and your designs.


Bottom Hems-pic.JPG

4โ€ DOUBLE: Four inches of fabric folded over itself twice to strengthen the bottom construction.

2โ€ DOUBLE: Two inches of fabric folded over itself twice and sewn closed. Used to accomplish a finished back when a lining is present and minimize visual appearance.

.5โ€ CLEAN: Minimizes both yield and potential for pin holes at bottom hem.

.25โ€ HANKIE: Allows just enough fabric to fold over the chain weight and sew it closed.


Hems-Side Pic.JPG

1.5โ€ DOUBLE: One and a half inches of fabric folded over itself twice and sewn closed. Provides stability while minimizing visual presence.

PILLOW CASE: A special hem used with double sided drapes where visibility from both sides is a concern.


Weights- only pic.JPG

.75โ€ NYLON: Weight inserts at the bottom hem along the leading edge and subsequent seams of a drapery. Typically used with a blackout or over drape treatments to prevent puckering at vertical seams.

.25โ€ CHAIN: Weight inserts into the bottom hem to maximize fold of sheer and minimize movement/billowing.

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