Cubicle Curtains are a fascinating blend of privacy and versatility. Cubicle Curtains can be calm neutral colors or they can picture a realistic panoramic view of nature.  Here at Quiltcraft, we use 100% polyester mesh, which is inherently antimicrobial. With the advancement of nanotechnology, cubicle fabrics can be created or treated for enhanced wrinkle and stain-resistance, antibacterial and odor-control. Cubicle curtains are durable and designed to be laundered frequently. The only hardware that is used in the making of cubicle curtains are grommets or snaps to detach the mesh from the fabric for easy removal (to launder).  Inside the curtain are corner weights to help it hang properly to perform their purpose functionally.

Cubicle Curtains-02.png

The fabric for cubicle curtains is typically 72” wide. We custom manufacture orders to provide solutions to cover wide areas by either railroading the fabric or cutting up the roll (for more information about railroading and cutting up the road, visit our resource cards!). Interestingly, cubicle curtains must be 12-15” off the floor to promote cleanliness as well as to prevent mobility issues by eliminating tripping and falling hazards. However, when designing and manufacturing a drape, care must be taken to prevent the curtain being too short because privacy can be compromised. In order to provide proper ventilation and meet the fire suppression policies, there must be a large portion of mesh at the top. The rules vary from state to state, but 20-22” is pretty standard for top mesh. These treatments are an affordable textile to update while offering beauty, convenience and privacy.