This is the 3rd installment in a grouping of 8 blog posts which are written to give you our customer a bit of insight into our world. We want you to enjoy them first and foremost as hopefully the spark your curiosity. We also believe that understanding a bit of the narrative we live in may be helpful for you in the challenges that we face together in the completion of any renovation or new build.

I arrive at the office. It's 8 AM on a Tuesday. Everything begins as I check my emails, responding to anything urgent, shelving the rest for later in the day. I'll take a mental inventory of what needs to be made a priority today (arriving shipments, ongoing installations). My eyes scan over the rows of blue folders on my desk; new projects, measurements, production, and install.  

First, I just received a new project that Josh (Sales Manager) handed off which needs to be measured stat. I call my customer to see if the property is ready. They pass me off to an onsite contact. After finally connecting with them, I've got the thumbs up. I collect all the needed information about the scope and what treatments we are providing to be ready for my meeting with the installer. I need to be ready to discuss timeline, scope, and any other details, so that we can expedite getting this on their schedule. 

Next, I have measures for a public area project, that were returned to me yesterday, two days late. I have to create the tickets and submit them to production in order to stay in the right production week. First, I look through the pictures from the installer, as well as the specifications and floor plans given to me by the customer. I have a couple clarifying questions to check with the designer. I'll send her an email with pictures and questions to review. It will probably merit a phone call but at least this will give her some context. For now I can check on the status of the fabric, making sure its here and hasn't been flagged during inspection. The job is all about limiting speed bumps along the way. The smoother the better!

According to the schedule I received from the GC, the next drapery install at Hampton Inn Milford should be in about two weeks. I give him a quick call to see if we are still on track. He says to check back in a couple days. I let him know that we don't have time for that right now. My installer's scheudle is incredibly busy and I want to make sure he is locked in. I cannot guarantee that the installer will be available if the date is 'loosely set'. He says 'push the date 2 days later than originally planned, and we'll be ready'. Perfect! I schedule the date with my installer and send an email to my customer copying the GC to confirm. Everyone needs to be on the same page. Loose ends are bad.

Whew. Where has the day gone? I've got to get back to those emails I left for later. Later is now, and I need to make sure everyone is responded to before I can call it a day.

Tomorrow will be another day, and in no way the same as today. There are constantly new situations coming, that new solutions must be created for. This adds to the excitement and fun of project management though, and is one of the reasons why I love what I do. For now I'll make a quick to-do list for tomorrow morning. Something to kick start my day and help me stay on track. I think I'll call it a day. Hopefully I will have answers from designers and onsite contacts tomorrow. I always apprecaite their quick repsonse, it helps everything run smoothly.

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