Walking into the office I set my things down, glance over my emails, check Perfect Commerce (G6's online ordering platform), my voicemails, and then the all important... I go pour myself a cup of coffee to start my day! It’s funny how I only drink coffee here at work, it’s just become part of my routine.

Back at my desk, I begin by returning calls, answering some emails in between as I do my best to multi-task. First up, is a customer simply inquiring about the status of their order. A few quick clicks of my mouse and I’m able to give them a rough estimate. For now that’s all they need. Second, a customer is calling in to place his order for some replacement treatments (which I’ll gladly take). In this case its as easy as taking down the information, looking up the job in our database, getting a PO (Purchase Order) from the customer, remaking them and shipping them out once they are done. 

As I finish up the phone call, I see an email from a potential customer, someone we have been trying to land a bit of business from in Bryan, TX. He is in need of some product ASAP in order to open his property. He would like to know if we are able to produce a rush order. As I get ready to go check with Lupe, who schedules production, another email from Christina at G6 Corporate comes through asking about the possibility of a partial ship. I’ll ask Lupe about the chance of that, at the same time.

I get back some mixed news as to production scheduling. The good news, is that we are able to fit in a small rush order. The bad news, is that we are unable to finish up and partial ship the other. That’s just the nature of scheduling, sometimes we are able to meet a need and sometimes we just can’t. There is one more thing I can check. Sometimes depending on construction and renovation dates, jobs that may have been ordered early are not actually on schedule. In that case, I may be able to shuffle some things around and present Lupe with the option to delay one project by a week or so (because it's not needed by the customer yet) and fit in the partial ship. I'll do the leg work first and then see what she says later. 

I finally receive a response from both customers. They are both okay with the ship dates. Further, the customer from Bryan, TX is going to come and pick up the order personally, which will offer a great opportunity to meet him in person. I'm looking forward to that. 

The day has somehow snuck into afternoon already and there is still much to do. More voicemails and emails from customers wanting to place orders, existing customers asking for recommendations, and property measurements that need to be looked through and "digested". To say the least, the horizon looks very busy. I make a plan to process new orders first, check order inventory and get them on the production schedule as soon as possible. Then, I plan to tackle creating shipping requests for those orders that have been finished and packaged and are ready to go by the scheduled date. Finally, I’m able to work on some recommendations that G6 Corporate had asked for. It’s definitely fun to have a trusted client who looks to Quiltcraft for advice. Ultimately not everything is going to get done today. That’s the anthem a lot of days in a business so fast paced and so focused on schedules. Tomorrow is another day though and the work isn’t going anywhere, but for now, I sure am.

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