This is the 1st installment in a grouping of 8 blog posts which are written to give you a bit of insight into our world. We want you to enjoy them first and foremost as hopefully the spark your curiosity. We also believe that understanding a bit of the narrative we live in may be helpful for you in the challenges that we face together in the completion of any renovation or new build.

It is 8 in the morning on a busy summer day in the middle of August, product is expected to arrive in 2 hours. I’ve coordinated with the project manager by phone. I am the eyes and ears for this job, everything comes down to this. I need to coordinate face to face with the General Manager to make sure we can use the elevators, and to go over what his expectations are for our team.

Oh man, look at all these other trades it’s like a busy grocery store on the day before Thanksgiving. The truck arrives and we need to conduct a complete review to ensure all the product was shipped and ensure it hasn’t been damaged. We go through the boxes one by one checking them against the shipping manifest. Good, everything looks to be here. No problems so far. I call the Project Manager, again, to let them know shipment was received and all product has been accounted for. I’ve spoken to the GC, and now we are beginning to install.

We start unpacking boxes floor by floor, first hardware, second over drape/blackout, third sheer, last batons. We’ve un-wrapped all the component’s from their packages and thrown away all the trash. Now that everything is laid out on floor 8, let’s start installing. In the guestroom we've got to be careful with the other FF&E product in the room, moving furniture out of the way if needed and making sure we cover the PTAC before drilling is essential. One guy is tasked to hang hardware, the next guy is tasked to hang the over drape, the sheer, and the batons. We’ve got a system to hopefully make this go faster, but we constantly have to compete with other trades. We really want to be the last trade prior to the final clean to ensure our drapes don’t get damaged, or marked up by paint or dirt.

We’re done now. It’s been a long day but luckily we had 2 guys on this project and no problems popped up. That made it easier. Oftentimes that isn’t the case. Nothing was too long, too short or missing completely. Altogether this one came off without a hitch. Now that we are done we go through the rooms to ensure trash is picked up and all dust or debris is swept up from the drywall/cement. The room looks great, a final clean and I would definitely sleep in here, especially after a day like today.

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