Here at Quiltcraft, we use the term “width” with three different meanings. Scroll down to understand why and how we use the terminology that we do.

1.      Widths of Fabric— Fabric is woven in various widths, some of the most common are 54”, 72” and 118” wide. Varying a fabric’s width may allow for maximum efficiency (use of fabric).

Widths of Fabric.png

2.      Fabric Width— The amount of fabric widths in a treatment is determined by the width of fabric, rod width and fullness. A vertical seam, and often pattern match, will be required each time two fabric widths are pined together.

Fabric Widths.png

3.      Labor Widths—The amount of labor used to manufacture a drapery treatment is measured in units also called widths (confusing, we know). Regardless of the width of fabric, or amount of fabric widths, a drapery treatment’s labor requirement is measured in widths.

Labor Widths.png