Pattern: Deco Screen

Natural earth tones come alive when colors are woven together, creating texture and beautiful tonal variations.

Width: 98”
Content: 36% Fiberglass/64% Vinyl
NFPA 701

Decoscreen Colors.JPG

Pattern: Sheerweave 2710

This fabric fits both the classic basketweave and modern textured pattern with tiny ‘dots’ accomplished via alternating colors woven together in a distinct style.

Width: 63”/98”
Content: 34% Fiberglass/66% Vinyl on Fiberglass
NFPA 701


Pattern: Sheerweave 4903

Taking advantage of the textural nuances created by differing thread sizes, this complex weave offers unique variety while keeping simplistic design standards at a premium.

Width: 63”/98”
Content: 17% Polyester/83% Vinyl on Fiberglass
NFPA 701

Sheerweave 4903.JPG

Pattern: Sheerweave 2360

Traditional basketweave fabric with alternating and complimentary colors woven together to create a classic geometric pattern.

Width: 63”/98”
Content: 35% Fiberglass/65% Vinyl on Fiberglass
NFPA 701

Sheerweave 2360.JPG