Welcome! We are Quiltcraft. We appreciate your interest in our company and want to guarantee to provide you with exceptional service. We are a company centered and focused on our customer’s needs and timelines. Our staff has over 250 years of industry experience. We believe that people make the difference in companies, so we have hired, trained and kept the best!

Quiltcraft offers an extensive line of products and services for the hospitality and healthcare industries. From draperies and roller shades to bedding and top treatments. In addition to our manufacturing expertise, we are able to provide custom design and sourcing services for our clients. Our central location in Dallas, Texas allows us to serve customers coast to coast with fast, convenient access.

Our most valuable asset is that we care about you, our customer. We want to not only please you, we want to work with you to create new solutions and cost-effective ways to meet your challenges. We encourage and cultivate character- We tell the truth and we communicate effectively. We continue to serve national clients with the same family owned mindset we had with our original 8 customers, 32 years ago. We are Quiltcraft!


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It happens a million times a week – the door opens, the curtains are drawn back, the first impression of a new setting – and a new view unfolds. In that one moment, as a new door opens, we decide whether or not we’ve found a place of rest. Are we walking into a situation where we can rest assured?

The answer is “yes.”

We know that “rest assured,” especially for hospitality and healthcare, is not to be taken lightly – which is why it is our honor and mission to serve with superior craftsmanship, best in class service, and innovative expertise.

From our commitment to making custom window treatments, bedding, pillows, and decorative accents for hotels around the world, to the way we engage our clients and communities – we believe in helping people “rest assured” … Because, ultimately, each of us are here to provide “rest assured” for those who need it most.  


Inspired by service and craftsmanship

After measuring, making and installing 500,000 widths a year, we have custom fabrication and production down to a science. We also love the art of the project itself. From balancing design and function, with operations and budget, to helping navigate construction schedules, shipping, receiving, and install, our team treats each project with a sense of refined craftsmanship. We respect the art and science of fabrication and we love working with clients to help solve unique design challenges. From turning rooms faster, to helping you design the perfect spec, every improvement that we strive for is truly inspired by what makes life easier for you our customers.

You can rest assured knowing that we’ve built extreme customer focus into our procedures, our processes and our people. With a single point of contact, your assigned project manager assures that you receive the highest level of service in the industry. From the initial stages of product development and specification writing, to the final stages of installation and delivery, we ensure a seamless production process. Our commitment to quality extends to you.

We continue to serve national clients with the same family owned mindset that we had with our original 8 customers.



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