Trent Brower-03.png


Director of Programs

Trent joined our Quiltcraft family in March of 2011 and we are so glad he did! He graduated from the University of Colorado in 2006 and immediately started working for PhilCorr/TexCorr where he was very successful. Since joining our team, he has proved his diligence, tenacity and strong-work ethic. He always shows a steady, consistent, excellent work behavior with a hint of humor—what better way to work than to have a little fun at the same time? Trent is always looking for new ways to benefit the company and our customers through problem solving, sourcing products and managing his tasks in the most cost-efficient manner.

Trent's vigorous work ethic is the result of a lifetime watching his ambitious father who was very dedicated to his own work. Taking care of his family and instilling the same characteristics his father implanted in him are some of the driving forces for his motivation. Working at Quiltcraft has taught Trent to consult with his team to gain other perspectives which might affect departments downstream. His communication and organization skills have reached an outstanding level through his years of experience in the textile industry. Trent appreciates the service orientation here at Quiltcraft as well as the family atmosphere created by the people and their ability to have fun together while working as a team.


A word from Trent: “you never change your life until you step out of your comfort zone.”