Terry Rogers
Chief Financial Officer


“I strongly believe that if I’m in a situation I don’t like, I give 100%, it’s up to me to change it.”

Any good poker player knows to hold their cards close and how important the long game is when making data driven decisions as much as reading people is. Terry Rogers is a man cut from that exact cloth. Born in Alabama, this die hard Crimson Tide fan is a man of details. He joined Quiltcraft in September 2012, coming out of a brief stint as a Controller for a compounding pharmaceutical company, albeit Terry’s true passion area is manufacturing and previously he worked for Decorator Industries Incorporated as an Operations Manager.

Since the beginning, Terry has set about his work with excellence and a Dedication to the task that never wavers no matter how large or mundane such task may be. Terry has ridden the waves of change alongside the team here and took on his current role as Chief Financial Officer in January 2017, combining aspects of his manufacturing passion with his adept accounting skills to truly make Quiltcraft better. Far in away Terry is leader who is disciplined and walks into every situation thoroughly prepared. This practice has continued to be honed from his days in the Airborne, where he was honored as the Distinguished Graduate of the 82nd A2 Airborne Jump Master School. To this day this is one of the key and most respected personal accomplishments in Terry’s astute career.

When Terry is not working, which is admittedly rarer, he enjoys his time as a husband and father to two grown children, and many dogs. He enjoys golf and Texas Hold’em almost as much as watching and talking about Alabama Football. One day Terry hopes to settle down at a little place on the water where his extended family can always count on a bed to lay their head as they enjoy time skiing and fishing to their hearts' content. For now Terry will continue to ply his trade providing the most excellent financial statements with the utmost integrity.