Larry Pearson
Quiltcraft Founder


“A fan in the stands, yelling for the home team.”

Born and raised in Waco, TX, one could say that Larry Pearson was destined to own his own company. Many at the time would have suspected that company would be the then 4th generation Waco painting company that his Father owned. Quite possibly it was the entrepreneurial blood running thru his veins that stirred his heart and dreams towards being his own boss one day, yet it was not for a while that Larry understood it would not be in painting but rather in textile manufacturing.

After graduating from Baylor with a BBA in Management in 72’, Larry dove into the textile business as a merchandiser, buying and selling for JC Penny and built on top of that a position as the Executive VP of Operations at Pillowtex. With his resume built in 15 years of work, the puzzle pieces began to align and in 1986 Larry alongside his wife and partner, Janet, purchased the then 7 employee designer workroom Quiltcraft.

The decision to build a business was as much a career oriented move as it was a family oriented move. That ethic has remained essential to Quiltcraft throughout the years as Larry and Janet treat and count their employees as members of their extended family.

After 32 years, Larry stepped away from Quiltcraft as of January 1, 2018 and is looking forward to spending more time with ‘his greatest personal accomplishment’ aka Janet, hunting, fishing and chasing grandkids! The impetus and growth that Larry catalyzed at Quiltcraft has placed the business on the most solid of foundations and in handing it off to David, Larry could not be more proud.

Larry always the entrepreneur maintains that sooner or later he will be up to something. Whether that will be philanthropic, connected to his beloved church or somewhere else in business, all of us must wait and see.