Programs Coordinator

Ky Sibley, a phenomenal woman, joined our Quiltcraft family in November of 2014. She is dedicated to exceed her standards of excellence to serve her customers and represent Quiltcraft well. Before working here at Quiltcraft, she was a purchasing agent for a concrete company and she also worked in the hospitality industry at a hotel! The experience she gathered at both of these companies has benefited Ky’s daily success. Ky is people oriented, and she continually puts her customers and co-workers first to help in any way she can. Working at Quiltcraft has taught Ky that “you can work hard and still have fun. It’s just a great work environment.”

She is positive, caring, thoughtful and whimsical with her dry sense of humor. When life tosses Ky lemons, she buckles down to quickly make lemonade of a situation. She is loyal to her family, friends, customers and company. Each morning she shows her dedication to her job as she arrives before anyone else! Her favorite aspect of working here is “working with my team and the people at Quiltcraft, [as well as] serving my customers.” While she is not working, she is either spending time with her beloved daughter or being crafty, enjoying her natural sense of creativity! Ky is a joy to be around and we are blessed to have her as part of our team.

A word from Ky: “It is great when you wake up and look forward to going to a job you love and you get to work with such a great bunch of people and customers.”