Krista Kotrla
Chief Operating Officer


Mix it all in, add a fair dosage of love for Plaid, Peanut Butter and Batman and you’ve got yourself Quiltcraft’s COO.

Krista Kotrla is Quiltcraft’s Chief Operating Officer and is responsible for day-to-day leadership, general management, and continual improvement of the organization, culture, and customer experience.

Since joining Quiltcraft in 2017, Krista has been on a mission to align people, processes, and purpose to inspire a culture of continual learning, growth, and values-focused execution so that people in the hospitality and healthcare industries can “rest assured” when partnering with the Quiltcraft team. 

Before joining Quiltcraft, Krista served as Senior Vice President of Block Imaging, a medical imaging equipment company, and led the organization through a period of outstanding global growth. Known for her passionate belief in enhancing company culture to get powerful results, Krista has inspired transformation at numerous organizations through speaking and consulting engagements. She has even had her story highlighted in recent books, They Ask You Answer and The Smart Sceptic’s Guide.

Truly a lifelong learner, Krista is spurred on by reading, research, and discovering insights about organizational culture, behavior economics, intrapreneurship, values-based leadership, customer experience, and inspiring transformation.

Krista is not known to be a woman who remains in the ethereal realm of the theoretic, rather she turns everything into a conversation about the tangible. She was once described as a ‘storm chaser’, and not because it was once her childhood dream job, rather because she is willing to walk into the unknown so that “storms” can be analyzed, learned from, and turned into catalytic growth opportunities.

When she isn’t working she’s most surely with her three kids, and husband Kris. It would also be a good bet that she is doing one of three things; hanging out outside, reading a new book, and/or playing charades with her family! Through and through, Krista is a proponent of individual’s growth both personally and professionally and she exudes that quality in all that she does.


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