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Katherine Goodrich

Project Manager

Katherine is a 2017 accounting graduate from Oklahoma Wesleyan University. For a year, while in college, she was an Accounts Specialist Intern at Phillips 66. After hearing David Pearson, our President speak numerous times at her University, and taking a tour of Quiltcraft, Katherine admired David’s leadership style and knew she would enjoy working at Quiltcraft. This decision has been a blessing to both Quiltcraft and Katherine. One of Katherine’s favorite parts of her job is building relationships with those around her, both co-workers and customers. The people of Quiltcraft are treasured by Katherine— “being able to joke around, take the load off each other, help each other out when we need to, ‘keep it real’. . . and the fact we’re friends outside of work, too. . .” are what makes this company so special. Working at Quiltcraft has taught her to be more confident and to speak up.

Katherine is excellent at staying calm in stressful situations, smiling, talking to others outside of her department and giving valuable input to better our systems. In college, Katherine was in choir, an acapella group and on the worship team playing piano. She aspires to be joyful by not letting stress effect everything else she does. Interestingly, Katherine has never lived in a place longer than four years because her dad was in the Air Force which caused her family to move often. Outside of work, Katherine volunteers at her church, hangs out with her roommates at home and looks for new adventures in Dallas with friends.

 A word from Katherine: “[Quiltcraft is] a place to grow in my confidence, my abilities—and for other people to push me and others to be better personally and professionally.”