Karina Piedra-04.png

Karina Piedra

Production Control Coordinator

Karina decided to join us here at Quiltcraft in September of 2016 because her mom works here in our bedding department and she knew it would be a good place to work. Before Quiltcraft, she worked in Customer Service at a 7/11 and several restaurants. She even worked at Design District in their drapery manufacture! Her favorite part about working here is the people—the kindness creates a family-like atmosphere. Karina appreciates that everyone is understanding when mistakes are made, and willing to come together to help those around them.

During her time here, she has learned that a person can truly never be done “growing”. Her eagerness to meet and stay ahead of deadlines is a great asset to our team. When Karina is not working, you can find her somewhere being active—whether that’s in the Gym lifting weights or outside hiking, just know she’s in her happy place. Karina loves working out and aspires to one day become a personal trainer! If she did not have to sleep, she would study more for her personal training certificate and read motivational books. Karina has three sisters and a brother. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends.

A word from Karina: “You can never expect to succeed if you only put in work on days you feel like it.”