Kara Nunes-04.png

Kara Nunes

Project Director

Kara joined our team in January of 2011 when David Pearson invited her to work for him. Kara and David had become acquainted when Kara was the Director of Purchasing and Project Management at Driftwood Hospitality; she hired Quiltcraft to provide drapes and bedding for Driftwood’s hotels and resorts. She has been in the hospitality industry since 2001. Her motivation is to be “the go to” for her customer’s that David was to her by seamlessly accomplishing projects and checking up on her customers satisfaction. We are incredibly grateful to have Kara’s experience as one of our customers because it brings a whole new perspective to the table.

Kara’s favorite part of her job is that “nothing is the same”—every day, every person, and every project is unique. She also enjoys traveling to her projects to make sure the customer is happy with our treatments. When Kara is not working, she spends time with her family and friends. She enjoys helping rescue animals find their perfect home and support fellow cancer patients.  If Kara did not have to sleep, she would rescue animals and educate cancer patients’ families, friends and employers on how to support patients during, but more importantly the first year after treatment.

A word from Kara: “Quiltcraft is a family.”