Josh Hemsoth-03.png

Josh Hemsoth

Director of Project Sales

Josh joined the Quiltcraft team during the summer of 2013 directly after graduating from Oklahoma Wesleyan University. Josh explained, “I came for David (our president), but I stayed for the people.” Working at Quiltcraft has taught Josh several things about life.  A few of those are: “I’m not always right. . . there are many ways to think about things, not just my way. . . never jump, but, think slowly and methodically.” Josh works tirelessly with a good sense of humor and ownership “work horse” mentality to better serve our customers and people by “adapt[ing], improvis[ing], and overcome[ing].” As a sophomore in high school Josh began working his first job at Academy Sports, then during his summers in college he worked at an industrial piping company fulfilling orders.

Growing up, Josh had the mentality that if you work hard now, you can play later—he still uses this mindset to work hard every day and “embrace the struggle.” When Josh is not working, you can find him volunteering at his church either greeting, serving communion, or watching kids. He enjoys staying active, hanging out with friends and “good beer (why I need/love the gym).” Until about age ten, Josh aspired to be a professional baseball player; he then shifted that dream to play college baseball. He fulfilled that dream as an outfielder for the OKWU Eagles! Interestingly, he also loves motorcycles and raced motocross in high school—how cool!

A word from Josh: “I believe in working as hard as you can, as often as you can, as young as you can. Work hard now, play later. I look forward to a family and a life I can truly enjoy because of the hard work I put in years before. I don’t think about the paycheck coming Friday, I think about what 20, 30 years down the line look like.”