John Oconnell-03.png

John O’Connell

Operations Manager

Larry, our founder, and John O'Connell first met in 1970 when Larry was a buyer at JCPenny. Larry joined the Pillowtex Corp in the mid-seventies and in 1983 John moved from New York to Dallas to work for Larry at Pillowtex.  John has countless successes in his life including being a successful consultant and owning his one-man-show, “Johnoco Textile Consulting,” traveling worldwide building a total of 33 textile factories. He has even installed the draperies and bedding at the Olympic Village housing sites in Athens, Greece and London, England! John has worked at Quiltcraft since 1989 while continuing to travel extensively, consulting. In 2008, John decided his traveling years were over and settled down in Dallas and hasn’t left us since! Impressively, John still operates his consulting business on the weekends!

As a young man, John dreamed of becoming an engineer and constructing bridges. While he hasn't gotten around to building bridges, he is an Industrial Engineer by degree and he also studied electrical and structural engineering in school. John is an irreplaceable addition to the team with his cup of coffee in his hand he is ready to conquer any project. He never starts a project without first drawing it.  His favorite part of his job is designing factories and revamping departments within the factories. John loves creating and seeing his final products on more than just a piece of paper. In the little time that John is not working, he enjoys playing chess, checkers, and solitaire on the computer!

A word from John: “Don’t be afraid to make a mistake.”