Jelena Beasley-02.png

Jelena Beasley

Project manager

Jelena Beasley joined our Quiltcraft family during the summer of 2015 (on her birthday!). Before joining us at Quiltcraft, she worked at Phillips 66 in the procurement department as a contracting agent. Jelena’s motivation is solely knowing she gave it her best effort— “I have always told myself that if I was going to do something, I was going to try to do it to the best of my ability.” Working at Quiltcraft has taught her not to let daily challenges that arise keep her from completing the task at hand. Fortunately for Quiltcraft, Jelena puts her whole heart into everything she does and because of this, she is always going above and beyond in her projects to satisfy customers and help her teammates’ job be simpler.

Growing up, one of Jelena’s dream jobs was to be a food blogger. Cooking in the kitchen is her way of relaxing and sometimes, she still dreams about returning to that path. During college, she even worked in a small bakery. When she is not working or cooking, she enjoys exploring new places in Dallas, traveling, going to the movies, bargain shopping with her mom, and hiking!

A word from Jelena: “this place is unlike any other place. . .. I’m completely comfortable and 100% in my own skin with [these people]. They’re funny and genuinely care about everyone. . .”