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 Ismael Molina

Operations Manager

Ismael Molina came to America from Mexico in 1996, and in 2010, he joined the Quiltcraft family. Ismael has an incredible work ethic which developed at an early age. By the time he was eleven years old he worked to be a successful paper boy to earn his first PS game system! His favorite part of his job is knowing that what he does is important, it makes a difference and it helps others. He also enjoys the people he works with. Working at Quiltcraft has taught Ismael the importance of good communication: "Communication is the blood in the body of the project. If you want a project to go well, you have to have good communication." 

Ismael is always willing to serve others and enjoys learning new things.  Because of his attitude toward change, Ismael is an irreplaceable addition to the team. Outside of work, he is proudly involved in his church, the Catholic Cathedral Guadalupe. Ismael also selflessly loves his family and values them more than anything else. His passion in life is to help his children know how to make good decisions and understand that: “If you do bad things, there will be consequences.” He enjoys watching boxing, eating and taking his kids to the movie theater. He also loves supporting his children as they play volleyball, soccer and basketball. Ismael is known for making people laugh and have a good time!

A word from Ismael: “[Quiltcraft] represents a place I can go to help…represents the place where I can go and provide for my family and where I see different people. . . and learn to do things in life—like communicate.”