Isabel Ledesma-04.png

Isabel Ledesma

Production Control Coordinator

Isabel, who is from Mexico, joined our team as a factory team member in the Quality Control department during the summer of 2008, but before long, she found herself slipping seamlessly into the position her sister had occupied as a Production Control Coordinator complete with her sister's old monitor! Her experience from working in our factory has been a valuable addition to our team in the office. For many years previous, she had worked in the fast food industry, which she enjoyed, but she welcomes the opportunities she has here to learn and grow. Isabel truly loves and enjoys what she is doing now. She finds Quiltcraft’s support very motivating, “I never thought that I could do what I am doing now."  Team-building activities are Isabel's favorite part of working for this company, because it helps us know each other better and feel like a family. 

Working at Quiltcraft has taught Isabel patience as she continually handles minuscule details. She has also learned how important communication is in both professional and personal settings. Isabel really loves the people she works with and appreciates the opportunity to learn from them. Outside of work she is involved in her Catholic church and her children’s activities. She likes learning, especially about the church and Jesus.  She also loves listening to older peoples' stories and learning from their life-experiences. She savors the time with her children when they go to the park or the movies.

A word from Isabel: “I am really grateful for Quiltcraft because they give me the opportunity to grow personally and professionally.”