Gisela Gomez

Receiving Coordinator

In 2015, we gained an outstanding addition to our team. Gisela began her journey with Quiltcraft before she technically even worked here because her mother works in our factory. After hearing her mother talk about the culture here, she knew she needed to give Quiltcraft a chance. She started working in our factory in the Roman Shades department, where her work ethic shined and within months she was asked to work in our office. Gisela loves that even though she works in the office, she is still able to go out into our factory and not be stationary at her desk all day. Her favorite part of Quiltcraft is the people who work here. She admires and appreciates that the people have a positive outlook and impact on the company— “makes me feel like I’m in the right place.”

Gisela’s dream job as a kid was to be a fashion designer; while that dream is currently on hold, she would like to one day fulfill her childhood dream—you go girl! Not many people know this about Gisela, but she is really interested in mechanics. After learning from her husband, her interest peaked and now the two of them plan to restore an older car together. She really loves to explore new cities and going out to dinner with her husband! She also enjoys drawing, playing poker with family, working out, and she secretly loves jabbing and striking the punching bag (boxing)!

A word from Gisela: “[Quiltcraft makes me] think of family because when they come together, they work together through problems and solve them.”