Eveh Hernandez

Production Control Manager

Eveh Hernandez has been part of our team for over ten-years! His reliability is immensely appreciated and respected. After high school, he worked at Taco-Bell before joining our team in 2007. Because his sister already worked in our factory, he knew he would enjoy working for Quiltcraft as well. Eveh started as a factory team member, but soon moved to production control due to his work ethic and love for learning new things. Eveh’s opinion is held with high esteem and value in the eyes of his co-workers because of his knowledge and accomplishments. Working at Quiltcraft has taught Eveh to practice patience as his job is detailed oriented. In his position, he is constantly using critical-thinking and problem-solving skills as he works with many different variables: people, products, math, and timelines.

Over the years, Eveh has witnessed the company become ever-increasingly integrated and he enjoys working with the team. He is the youngest of ten children, eight boys and two girls—his family is only slightly larger than most! When he was only 13 years old, he moved to America without knowing any English! However, as he does everything, he worked hard and quickly learned English better than some who were born here. His fluency in both English and Spanish has greatly benefited Quiltcraft. He is gifted in water-painting, photography and catching misspelled words! When he is not working, he enjoys watching Anime, listening to music and going to concerts!

A word from Eveh: “Teachers weren’t lying when they said you would need the Pythagorean theorem. It is true, I’ve had to use it here…”