Elizabeth Perez

Production Control Coordinator

Elizabeth America Perez Barboza—was given her middle name out of celebration that she was born in America, how fun! She joined the team in January of 2018 after previously working at a thermal warehouse and a thrift store as a cashier. Working at Quiltcraft has taught Elizabeth to “forget the mistakes and remember the lessons”.  Elizabeth’s favorite aspects of her position are the people she can learn from and (impressively) she also really enjoys asking questions so she can have a greater understanding. Her sweet, learning spirit is evident to all those around her. She is always looking for ways to be helpful.

Growing up, she did not have a specific dream job, she’s simply always had the desire to be helpful wherever she goes! Some might say that Elizabeth’s favorite things to do are the magical formula for success as she loves to read, learn and ask questions. While she is chasing after success, she also understands that her younger siblings look up to her and will follow her lead. Her hobbies include: running, helping her family and listening to music. One day, she aspires to travel and become a diagnostic medical sonographic technician!

A word from Elizabeth: “Success does not come find you, you have to go out and get it.”