David Shuford

Director of Operations

David Shuford joined the team early 2018 when Quiltcraft found his skill set and business experience. Before Quiltcraft, David was an Operation Manager over a warehouse for Interline Brands, Inc. He enjoys the process of getting shipments in and out, which has greatly benefited Quiltcraft! However, he hasn’t always worked in the shipping world, he worked for Toys “R” Us as a store manager when his children were very young (every child’s dream for their father!). Before he worked at Toys R Us, he used his Entrepreneur skills to open his own camera store where he handled film processing and taught photography classes.

Working at Quiltcraft has opened David’s eyes to how “remarkably complicated” the drapery industry is and “how many small processes have to happen, to create and deliver a fashionable drape”. One of his favorite parts of his job is how a small company makes it more personal. Outside of work, David is the President of the Lone Star Cyclists bike club and the District Chairman of the Boy Scouts, in Arlington. As Chairman, he organizes and trains adults to provide a quality program for the youth. At 16 years old, he earned his Eagle Scout rank—amazing! David is a very proud father of three daughters and two grandchildren who he enjoys traveling to visit and share in their activities.

A word from David: “Be careful what you ask for, you might just get it!”