David Gonzalez

Production Manager

In the winter of 2012, David joined the team with his expertise in motorization and critical thinking skills, which have greatly benefited Quiltcraft as a whole! Motorization is in his DNA—his whole life, he has been surrounded by engineers, plumbers, and electricians because his father was the director of engineering for the Omni hotel in Fort Worth, TX. David loves having the “ability to explore options with roller shades and to be able to craft a final project out of ‘nothing’—it all starts with an idea and pictures. . . then piece by piece everything comes together”.

David’s ingenuity and love for problem-solving make him an outstanding addition to the Quiltcraft family! Knowing that people depend on him motivates David to go above and beyond in his job. One of his favorite parts about working at Quiltcraft is that he gets to be active and experience different fields of work while remaining in one job position. He greatly appreciates that his manager trusts him to do the jobs he undertakes. Outside of work, David enjoys playing poker with his two younger siblings, working on cars, adventuring with his wife, and experiencing food!

A word from David: “Failure is never an option.”