David Pearson

David Pearson
Chief Executive Officer


“I wanted to be like my Dad. I wanted to be successful in business but never at the expense of being a husband and a father.”

David Pearson graduated from Texas A&M University in 2001 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Management and Business Administration and began working for Holt Lunsford Commercial as a Broker. After garnering some hard skills and corporate experience David was enticed to take a role at Quiltcraft, a position he never wished for growing up. Yet, met with the promise that it would be an opportunity to delve into a ‘laboratory of business’ in which ‘the immediate effects, good or bad, of decisions made’ are seen in real time he eagerly accepted.

In all that David does he exude a deep care for who he interacts with and what he does. He seeks to surpass the temporal transaction and press into helping solve internal challenges; find, attract and retain key talent; while also simplifying a complex industry, all to gain the opportunity to walk alongside customers.

David’s true joy is his God and his family. He is incredibly proud of the fact that he has been able to be present as a father and friend in his three children’s lives, raising them alongside his wife while maintaining and growing the business of Quiltcraft. He is known for his plain-spokenness, speech littered with analogies, passionate competitiveness and can be susceptible to the rare but rather impressive dance move. Outside of work he is highly involved in his church, Beta Upsilon Chi and Texas Children’s Medical Center.


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